BIO-DEER New Zealand
Here at Bio Deer we provide Preventative health supplements for future diseases.
In NZ Western medical technology can only cover 20% of diseases known to man. There seems to be same medical situation in other countries.
To solve this problem we apply integrated health supplements to cover the 80% outstanding in NZ. To achieve this we concentrate on the preventive side of diseases especially factors that cause problems.
BIO-DEER New Zealand
Bio Deer have very strict inspection system to ensure products meet specification.
It ensures from the raw materials through the manufacturing process,
to all finished goods to pass the required final quality criteria.
All products from Bio Deer are made utilizing the best quality GE-free ingredients
to be capable to supply them local and international market.
Our Products
Medicare For Men
Medicare For Women
MediCare Green-Lipped Mussel Plus
Wild harvest 20+ Manuka Honey
Active Manuka Propolis
Active Hyper Strum
Medicare Bio Collagen
Nature¡¯s Wisdom Colostrum

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