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STAG-RX is blend of freeze-dried deer spleen and honey goat weed, which is known to supply naturally occurring protein, iron and selenium blended with additional iron, Vitamin C and E.
Ancient oriental medicine values the properties of deer spleen for helping enhance energy level and boost immune system.

Honey goat weed is a valuable botanical medicine widely used in oriental herbal medicine to increase sexual desire perhaps by restoring levels of testosterone and thyroid hormones. It has been traditionally used to help with liver and kidney detoxification, as well as for sexual dysfunction. While it is centuries old, it is recently becoming widely embraced as one of the most powerful natural alternatives for male vitality and vigor. It contains a powerful blend of deer spleen and Honey Goat Weed which might be very good for men’s stamina and prostate gland
RRP $564.80 gst inclusive
Medicare For Men
Medicare For Men is a powerful source of nutrients of stag blood which traditionally has been seen as a symbol of health, energy, physical strength and longevity.

Medicare For Men can be taken to help control the blood pressure, anemia, diabetes, menstrual disorder and promote general well-being. Freeze-drying process preserves the high nutritional content of stag blood to the best possible quality.

At 20 testosterone in males drops. Stags blood is best for restoring testosterone. Traditionally Stag blood has been a symbol of health, energy and physical strength. It is good for keeping blood pressure under control and prevents Diabetes and anaemia etc.
RRP $282.40 gst inclusive
Medicare For Women
Medicare For Women is blend of Health & Energy from Stag Blood & Herb Extract, which rich in iron, freeze-dried stag blood contains nutritional ingredients including the essential amino acid, protein and iron.

Medicare For Women is a combination of stag blood & herb extract that may help control various symptoms suffered by women such as high blood pressure, diabetes, menstrual disorder and promote general well-being for women.

Because female’s bodies are different, we added good herbal extracts like Angelica, Safflower, licorice and essential amino acids to control many symptoms suffered by women, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and menstrual disorder
RRP $282.40 gst inclusive
MediCare Green-Lipped Mussel Plus
Green Lipped Mussel Plus is a powerful blend of green lipped mussel extract, glucosamine and chondroitin which can be taken to help support joint health and mobility. Green lipped mussels are well-known for their nutritional content providing protein, minerals, glycosaminoglycans and essential Omega 3 fatty acids.
Glucosamine & chondroitin provide the raw materials for the body to maintain health cartilage.

Anti-inflammatory Effects Cell Recovery Rate Controlling Effects
of Enzymes
Safety Precautions Enforced sustainability
- Decreases the pain of swelling and other symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism by controlling the amount of prostaglandin and histamine that is produced in the body.
- Green-lipped mussels help in controlling the number of white blood corpuscles that accumulate and cause arthritis by accelerating the development and release of neutrons
- Green-lipped mussels assist in speeding up the recovery process of soft cells that are injured from sporting activities - It protects a COX enzyme which is transferred from Prostaglandin for inflammation of the polysaccharides stomach and 5-lypoxygenase - The green-lipped mussels must not only be effective but also must be safe to take. When scientists test the product on animals, they found that product to be safe and to have no toxic effects.
- Further tests have proven green-lipped mussels to be safe for human consumption and have a long preservation period.
- Green-lipped mussels contain steroid sulphatase which separates the sulfate bonds and controls the amount of adrenalin produced.
RRP $463.00 gst inclusive
Medicare Bio Collagen
Collagen is one of the most plentiful protein present in the bodies of mammals, including humans.
You will see more detail of this product soon. Keep you eye on us
RRP $245.00 gst inclusive
Nature’s Wisdom Colostrum
300 Tablets /879mg
Bovine 45 IgG Milk 100% Pure

Nature’s Wisdom Active Colostrum is collected purely from strong and healthy dairy cows of naturally organic fertile farmland on New Zealand pastures.

Nature’s Wisdom Active Colostrum is the first milk from the mother immediately after birth. This bovine milk produces immunoglobulins(IgG) and Growth factors which is high in antibodies used to fight many common diseases and sickness in humans.
RRP $177.00 gst inclusive
* NEW* UMF 20+ Wild harvest Manuka Honey   *click the products name to view the detail
Wild Harvest® UMF® 20+ Active ManukaHoney has been specially processed and certified to meet the UMF® 20+ standard developed by Dr. Peter Molan at Waikato University. UMF® is special antibacterial factor found only in some Manuka Honeys.
RRP $155.25 gst inclusive
Active Manuka Propolis   *click the products name to view the detail
The rich immune supporting substance, gathered by honey bees and mixed with their own enzymes and beeswax, protects the hive from bacterial and virus infections.
RRP $53.00 gst inclusive
Hyper Strum   *click the products name to view the detail
Fresh New Zealand goat milk is the key ingredient which characterises this unique product.
RRP $223.60 gst inclusive
Goat Milk Colostrum   *click the products name to view the detail
Goat Milk Colostrum is beneficial to the immune system in many ways. It contains antibodies that fight off bacteria and disease. Because of the protein found in colostrum, it can promote muscle, skin and tissue growth. It can also protect the intestinal wall from bad bacteria.
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