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Many products marketed as dietary supplements rely on a history of traditional use without ill effects. New Zealand Deer industry acknowledges a 2000-year use of velvet in traditional Chinese medicine but wanted stronger assurances before beginning clinical studies to meet market demands
  Velvet has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity in laboratory and clinical experiments. It is suggested that this effect is achieved without the side effects associated with anti_flammatory drugs.
Studies on safety were commissioned from the School of pharmacy at the University of Otage in New Zealand and over-seen by Dr. James M. Suttie, a world recognized leader in Velvet research. The studies were carried out according to OECD standards.
  Research at AgResearch Invermay, near Dunedin, showed that exposing human white blood cells to extracts of New Zealand velvet stimulated the human immune system as measured by increased production of white blood cells.
These Stag Blood products have 3 main purposes
1.To make healthier blood,

2. To make our Arteries stronger, (point to display pic) because bad things like Active Oxygen make lipid peroxide which damages our inner lining of the blood vessel, blocking the artery resulting in high blood pressure. Which if it gets any worse can lead to heart disease or if it carries to the brain, can lead to a stroke.

3. Make our immune system a lot better. Any disease can occur in our bodies when our immune system is low .In our blood we have 2types of cells, the red cell and the white cell

A. The red cell carries oxygen and nutrients to all over the body and carries urine and toxins and gets rid of it.

B. The white cell, is the centre of our immune system, the white cell needs to be strong to fight any disease (for example) cancer, which can notice if white cell or immune system is low. Because every day tiny cells of cancer appear in our blood, if our immune system is low the cancer has a chance to grow.

In order to keep the cancer away we need our cells in our immune system to be strong. Its’ the T-Limpasite in the white cell destroys the cancer cell and keeps it un-noticed.
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